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Harmony Remodeling, Inc
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Harmony Remodeling, Inc provides Additions and Remodels services in Lincoln, AL. Call them at 205-296-4357 for more details.


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Bill R
1 review

MJR quoted me 5 days to complete a project. After 1 month, I finally had to hire one of their competitors to finish the job. During this time there were 6 days where they were scheduled to show up and they didn't. Not one of these times did they call to notify us they would not be coming. Having asked around, I now have discovered that I am not the only customer of MJR's who has suffered through this type negative experience.

Jon W
1 review

MJR, Inc. just completed a custom built new home for me. The experience was at first unnerving as we discussed the largest financial transaction I have ever committed to. Both, Mike Jones and his partner, Jeff Tidwell, were very easy to work with. They were very helpful in identifying costs and what I could expect for my dollars and there were no hidden expenses or unexpected costs. Their workmanship is excellent, and Mike's attention to detail and finish is amazing. I really appreciated the way he would follow up on any "issues" that arose, as they do in any project, and complete them to my satisfaction. Many times little items were added that I did not expect to receive. Mike truly wanted the end product to be something that both he and I would be proud of. Bottom line, I feel I got a home that is well above average. I got it the way I wanted it, and I made two good friends in the process with both Mike and Jeff. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I choose MJR, Inc., again? Absolutely. Am I being paid to say this? Absolutely not. However, I work in a customer service organization and I am willing to promote what I feel was an excellent business encounter. Keep up the good work guys. You restored my faith in contractors.

Linda C
1 review

Over the past two years, I have used MJR for three different projects in my home. Their work is superb and done on a timely basis. I gave them such a glowing recommendation to one lady that she asked me if we were related - the answer is "No, I never knew them prior to calling them out of the phone book two years ago." Their work will not disappoint you.

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