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DIRECT DRIVE SERVICE INC provides Additions and Remodels services in Boulder, CO. Call them at 303-546-0448 for more details.

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Jim H
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Bree & Mike Reiner
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Roni N
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Dave M
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Top quality workmanship, even facing a very difficult job. Many people have looked at our system and only Direct Drive was able to get it working properly. I will be purchasing a Rinnai tankless water heater from them in the very near future. Good work!

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Direct Drive did an excellent job, and the Rinnai is the perfect system. I don't know why anyone would have a tank of water rotting in their basement when they can have endless hot water and save all that money.

1 review

I just wanted to thank Direct Drive for their excellent service and attention to our needs. They have been a great source of help for us.

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There is nobody else I trust to take care of my boiler system. Direct Drive converted my home from electric to gas heat in 1995, and it has been wonderful ever since.

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Once you have found a company you trust, you have to stick with them. And Direct Drive has proven their value time and time again.

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Thank you Direct Drive Service for coming to my rescue. And the wonderful thing you did to get my clients heat was above and beyond the call of duty. Even though they couldn't afford to pay for it, you were there to save them from freezing. As a nurse and social worker, I will always recommend you to anyone who needs this type of service. Thanks again!

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It is truly rare to find a company today who is willing to extend itself to help those in need. Donating and installing the cooler for our woman's shelter was a Godsend, and you made many young mothers and babies very cool and happy this summer. We wish you all the best luck in your business. We know Direct Drive Service has a bright future. Thank you.

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What a treat it is to have endless hot water. I can't thank you enough for removing that big energy hog water tank and helping me on the way to savings and continuous hot water. This Rinnai is truly an amazing appliance!

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Our 120 year old log home was always drafty until you came along. After the installation of the outdoor Rinnai Tankless water heater for our space heat, it never goes below 70 anywhere in the house. And with the new baby, that's a welcome change!

Paul E
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