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General Contractor & Architectural Design Services...... Additions......... Remodels........ Inside & Out!.... Any time you’re changing the exterior of the building, making alterations to the floor plan inside, or spending more than 5% of the value of the house, you want an architect. Outdoor Spaces, Exterior Space, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Living Room, Outdoor Entertainment,


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Kevin and Kim Prijatel
1 reviewCosta Mesa

In the Fall of 2004 DeGroodt Construction completed an extensive remodel on our home. Chuck is very knowledgable and clearly has vast experience in home renovations. He offered sound advice throughout and helped us maintain our vision within the confines of our budget. Our home was done on schedule which was critical with a baby on the way. Chuck was very responsive and on the job every day to answer questions and address issues as they came up. It was a fantastic experience and we highly recommend DeGroodt construction for a home remodel.

Per Welinder
1 reviewHuntington Beach

Major Remodel With great confidence do we recommend DeGroodt Construction Company as a general contractor to handle your entire construction process in a major remodel of your home. In 1998 my wife and I set out to pursue a major remodel of our 3,000 sq ft one story home. The home is on the list of historic landmarks of Huntington Beach and was originally built in 1961, which added importance to us to maintain the integrity of the modern mid-century outside aesthetic, yet blending it with a timeless upscale contemporary interior. At first we had hired, a what we thought was a competent general contractor, but 3-4 weeks into the projects we course-corrected and hired the DeGroodt Construction Company. And WOW what a difference it made to have a professional competent general contractor. It was clear from the get-go that Chuck DeGroodt and his firm was professional. Chuck got the the project on course right away after taking over a mess. Very well organized and very detailed oriented - and kept all the sub-contractors on point. He took a proactive approach to any change orders by having on-the-job detailed discussion suggesting possible alternative solutions, whether it meant a different way to construct, or what vendors we might consider to keep the quality to value in line with our liking and wallet. After the completion and sign-off by us there were a few loose ends - which were also handled in prompt way highlighting - DeGroodt's sense for great customer satisfaction. We were so pleased with the overall handling of this project that we ended up hiring De Groodt the following year to add a 2nd story to our business building. Per and Elaine Welinder