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Davy Crockett Log Homes provides Custom Homes services in Morganton, GA. Call them at 706-374-5432 for more details.

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L and M
1 review

Monte and I are so thankful to Davy Crockett Log Homes for doing such a great job on our log home. We both agree if it hadn't been for Davy Crockett the whole building process would have been a really terrible experience. Having Davy Crockett on site made our troubles with the log home manufacturer a lot easier to swallow. We just love our beautiful home, thank you for all you did to make our dream come true!

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My name is Augie, my husband Ben and I recently moved into our new log home in the North Georgia mountains. It was always a dream of ours to own a log home. In the beginning of our research, we traveled all around the southeast looking, and learning about log homes. We read all the literature and magazines. We purchased a piece of property and then began to make house plans. After deciding on a plan, we quickly discovered that finding a log home builder was not quite so easy as we had expected. Ben and I were lucky to have found Davy Crockett Log Homes. They stepped in and saved the day. Up until them, Ben and I had no realistic idea what it would take to make this dream come true. When we got right down to it, we were faced with numerous decisions that we had not even thought about. After talking with Davy and looking at his craftsmanship in comparison to some of the other homes that we had seen, there was no question that Davy Crockett Log Homes would indeed build our home. Davy's close attention to details and the way he takes into account the lifestyle of the people for which he's building, was beyond compare. Wrynn Crockett's superb knowledge and expertise was extremely valuable. For a fee she took care of everything and did any research that was needed in order for us to come to a decision about a log home company. I quickly realized her financial common sense and advice was invaluable. She managed to quell my concerns and my fears when it came to this brand new experience and it was worth it. We couldn't have done it without her knowledge of the industry. We do indeed have our "dream home". Living in a log home isn't like living in any other house, it's actually a "lifestyle" that I wouldn't trade for anything. To wake up to the beauty of this home every day, is something that we APPRECIATE more each day. We recommend Davy and Wrynn Crockett highly to anyone that wants to build a log home. Without question, Davy is the best out there and the most knowledgeable. Sincerely, Augie

R. Duffy
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While we're writing this, Davy Crockett is building our log home. We had thought about waiting until it was completed before submitting our review (to Log Home Reports) but see no reason to postpone. You've probably noticed that every single review gives Davy Crockett Log Homes a prefect score. This is not a gimmick - this is because they simply are the best! Building a log home is not just about building a "dream". It is a construction project and construction has a reputation for being a difficult process. Some even call it a nightmare. It has that reputation for a reason. Talk to someone who has been through it. It has the potential for becoming a disaster if not handled properly. We talked with many log home companies and builders before we found Davy and Wrynn Crockett. We heard many "sales pitches" and were promised all sorts of things that didn't turn out to be true. When it come time to get down to the reality of building, we needed someone who really knew what they were doing and who was not just trying to make a fast buck at our expense. Davy Crockett has worked in the log home industry for many years and has experience with all aspects of the process. He is a skilled woods-craftsman and offers a "hands on" approach to the building of the house. You won't find that with big companies that just hire sub-contractors to piece your home together. Wrynn Crockett will become your best advocate and do whatever it takes to be sure that your get the best product at the best prices and will be treated fairly by everyone concerned with the project. We've faced some obstacles that couldn't be foreseen before construction began. Without Davy and Wrynn's expertise, we could have been stopped in our tracks. Whenever something challenging came up, they "dug in their Heels" and got us through it, always making "lemonade out of lemons." We are thankful for Davy and Wrynn every single day. We're still about three months away for completing but we are already so impresses with what we are seeing, we thought it only right to let others know.

1 review

~ Featured Home ~ Simplicity - Elegant - Magnificent My heritage is Scandinavian. They took log home building to its heights in Europe. The Finns even developed a maso system (contra flow) for their log homes that allowed them to use floor-level soffit-like heat ducts in the 1600's. My dream home required a strong powerful sensation, the natural beauty of wood and artistic lines. It was essential that my home reflected the countless years I spent planning and dreaming each detail. Furthermore, I had an obligation to make my ancestors proud of my Norwegian home The problem was to find a craftsman capable of seeing my vision. Could this special person be found to turn my dream into a reality? That special person is Davy Crockett. He is a master craftsman, who possess keenness and a genuine love of wood. Which is expressed in every scribe and hand hewn joint he works on. He had the patience and foresight to develop my thoughts and rough drawings into a home. Along with Davy is his partner and wife, Wrynn. They work as a team. Her contribution to my home was invaluable. Wrynn was my job coordinator and consultant. Making herself available 24/7. Great gal! We did encounter problems, as every homeowner will attest to. However, we worked though them as a team and were able to laugh and learn from the experience. Working with Davy and Wrynn will be a fond memory as I sit on my porch drinking coffee while enjoying my mountain view.

Becky B
1 review

Wrynn Rocks!! My husband did some correspondence with Wrynn Crockett before Christmas of '04 about building a log home. We had to go with another company because of budget and location, regrettably. We have confidence in our local builder, but I had some questions about lighting wattage for each room. I decided to e-mail Wrynn in the summer of '05 and ask some questions, not really expecting a reply back since we did not go with her company. Before I knew it, Wrynn had e-mailed me back asking several questions about the home before she could answer me definitively. She had already researched some material on lighting and decorating before sending a second e-mail back. All this for someone who had to go with another company!! Wrynn Crockett is most impressive and a true professional.

Linda G
1 review

Superb I am so impressed with all aspects of Davy Crockett Log Homes. From the initial design to the very smallest finishing touches things could not have been done more professionally or expertly. Not only does Davy show exceptional professionalism, but his wife and partner Wrynn handles all aspects of interior design along with a keen and professional system for finances. If you are to consider a log home, consider Davy Crockett, I can guarantee you will not be sorry.

Donald E van Sickle
1 review

LIVES UP TO THE NAMESAKE Davey Crockett Log Homes lives up to the name. I recently spent a weekend at a Log home built by Davey Crockett, and owned by Hans Versdahl near Blairsville GA. The quality of design, construction, & engineering were great. Davey Crockett knows wood. He has the intelligence and the skills to transform mundane logs into works of art. Let Mr Crockett and Ren, his wife and helpmate manage and build your Log home project. The Vershdal home is massive logs, large and inviting Great room, custom counters,kitchen island, and wonderfully creative log stairs to a loft suite and balcony. The down stairs has an artful fireplace, 10 ceiling fans and 2 sets of French doors opening to a wrap around deck with an eight foot prow. The logs are 12" diameter yet seem almost to defy gravity as they virtually drift above the trees. Davey Crockett; I don't know if THIS Davey Crockett ever killed him a Bar' but he was raised in the woods and does know every tree.

1 review

Builder Davy Crockett Log Homes is an Honest, Professional, Quality oreinted company. If I were to build another Log Home, Without a doubt, I would contract Davy and Wrynn to build it for us. This time I would do it before even picking out my plans. There were SO MANY errors made by "SOUTHLAND LOG HOMES" that without Davy and Wrynn's expertise we would be "out in the cold". I could not have a higher opinion of a builder and my wife is in the business!

1 review

Davy Crockett Log Home Builder Review Davy Crockett and Wrynn Crockett are not only consummate professionals-but they truly care about their customers and go out of their way to educate, inform, and protect their client's interests when dealing with any aspect of the log home industry. They work with quality manufactuerers, products, and Davy is an artist when it comes to the building of your home. Check out their website to see some of the homes they have built or contact them directly. I would recommend them without hesitation.

1 review

Helpful and caring Building my dream log home has turned into a nightmare of a situation. After finding this web page I called Wrynn Crockett. She helped me sort through all of the information I had and found out important information that I would not have known about without her help. I can't not tell you how much her help has meant. She helped because she cares so much about the integrity of the log home building industry and people like me who don't do enough home work before they try to build a log home. I don't know if I will ever build this log home but whatever happens I know that I will be better prepared because of Wrynns help.

1 review

Best in the Business In the past year, I bet I've looked at 50 log housed across Georgia: some are original to the 19th century, built by pioneering families; some are built from scratch by ambitious amateurs, with varying degrees of success; and most are constructed from modern log home kits by professional builders. My three favorite log homes were built by the same guy, Davy Crockett. Don't let the name throw you; he's no gimmick and knows more about wood -- species, selection, treating, best use during construction, care after construction is completed -- and the entire log home process than anyone I have met. Crockett's log homes are simply beautiful, well-crafted, unique works of art, often including amenities not generally found in log home kit houses. My favorite are the large, round, hand-peeled log homes. Mr. Crockett is as devoted to his craft and is as honest with the customer as you'd ever hope to find. But, Davy Crockett Log Homes is really a team. Wrynn Crockett knows the business of log home construction as thoroughly as her husband knows how each piece of wood fits together. The Crocketts are the perfect team for the serious homeowner looking for that "cabin in the woods." I write this simply because I was profoundly impressed with the Crockett's down-to-earth genuine love of log home construction, good business sense which is freely shared with the customer, and their beautiful log homes

1 review

Consultation and client driven AAA++++++++++++ As only a LOGGIE WANNABE, I have finally found a company that explains the how's and why's. Beyond wood species and plan layout, this company has explained how to avoid the many inherent problems found in the industry through HOW they craft a kit- which is as important as species and design! I am confident that these crafters can create any log home dream into reality and do so being 100% client-driven! In addition to this, they have helped clients, who have been taken advantage of by "the-bad-builder-guy," and have successfully troubleshooted a project. This speaks volumes to me!

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