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Chastagner Custom Pools
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Chastagner Custom Pools provides Swimming Pools services in Evans, GA. Call them at 706-831-8282 for more details.


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Spencer Chastagner
1 reviewAugusta, GA

This man, my dad, is a hard working man who gets screwed over and over and over again by immature clients that can't stay within there budgets. Reasons why he left those 7 to 8 job sites are because these types of clients kept getting out of their budgets after being told they would be out of their budgets. It amazes me how grown adults can just sit here and turn this around on him like that when really it's there fault. If you want a nice and beautiful pool, this man is the one to go to, cause there's no other person that can build a pool like him. You listen to him and stay and budget and hear what he has to say then you will get a lovely pool like the others were talking about.

The Facts
1 reviewAugusta, GA

Just to keep us all honest, and show it's not just slander, feel free to load up the following links and scan through both the reviews and various court cases just from one county. This is about 10 minutes worth of Google search. Scared to think how bad it gets if you really spend some time. 2010-SCS-1101 2011-SCS-2446 2012-SCS-1721 2014-SCS-1665

Got ripped off!
1 reviewSC

What a horrific experience! What a mess he made! Earl clearly has some personal issues that keep him from doing the right thing! God Bless you guy!

earl chastagner
1 reviewaugusta, ga

Facts are that this attorney (wesley) significantly increased his budget with multiple additions and was unable to cover his original contract. His serious gambling issues apparently affected his finances as well. Again, it amazes me how customers add and add and add and can't come up with the finances to cover it. his negative review is slanderous and fraudulent. He should be brought before the board due to his poor ethics

Looking out for the next victim
1 reviewAugusta, Ga

Before using this company, please do yourself a favor and spend 5 minutes doing a civil case search in any county nearby (Columbia, Aiken, etc). Earl repeatedly starts jobs, then leaves it half finished but with you paying almost all of the money. He will have great ideas. He will promise an amazing timeline. He will talk about doing things to keep you in your budget. He is a liar. He is a crook. One Magistrate court refers to him as a "frequent flyer" he is in and out of civil court so often. Please, do yourself and every honest contractor a favor and put this jerk out of business.

Austin Coker , attorney
1 reviewLake Murray ,sc

We built a home on the lake which required a integrate stately pool from our courtyard to the lake, Unbelievable , the pool has a formal island with spa looking over a (60') infinity edge over lake Murray , chastagner's was very involved and informative thru-out the project , Earl Chastagner has set the bar high with this one, truly a iconic must see work of art ! Austin

Tom Thaxon
1 reviewColumbia

Wow, I'm most please with my pool, We live on a golf course with difficult elevations and access , Chastagners turned it into a iconic setting, We often have golfers and neighbors stop and express how great it turned out, From the negative edge to the patios , Impressive Thanks Tom

Earl Chastagner
1 reviewMartinez, ga

First of all it amazes me that this site is unregulated and anyone can post any slanderous remarks they want without any notification. Unfortunately, from time to time I have had customers who overextend themselves financially due to additions they make to their original pool. Even though I go through every addition and change with them and have been assured that they have the money to pay for these they have ended up not having the money. This has forced us to close the project due to nonpayment and move on to another one which has made these customers react vindictively.

1 reviewAugusta, ga

Our pool was a unqiue lap pool with European styling, We're overjoyed with the use of our aerobic needs filled, What a pleasant project Earl Chastagner made it to be, he paid attention to every detail and our budgets as well, As well, his designs are unmatched

1 reviewSouth Carolina

Never finished our job. Could not finish the job without more money. Was paid in full and destroyed our property and our neighbors! Good ideas but no ethic.

Terry Arrington
1 review

He is a crook and has stole our money. He owes me about 20,000 and never completed the project. I agree with other review. He declared bankruptcy and no assets to collect our money back. call police if he shows up to your house! He deserves to be in jail for stealing so much money from many different people.

1 review

He stole money. He didn't complete job. This has happened to 7-8 others in Augusta so far. He is a smooth talker and will promise the moon. He owes us over $15,000. We had to hire other people to finish the job and correct a multitude of problems. If you meet Earl Chastagner, run the other way. You can even find his mugshot online for a few seperate accounts.